Youth Athletic Coaching-It’s For The Kids!

Since I started coaching my kids’ various sports teams during the past 9 years, I have had the ability to meet some interesting kids and typically, rather interesting parents. This blog is not meant to be provocative in any way, but its aim is to provide some humorous situations, serious situations, and to provide a reality check when one comes in contact with people, coaches, or parents, I refer to as “yahoos,” who seem to miss the point of fun for the kids, and for themselves. Stay tuned!

07. November 2011 by George Righter
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The Old Man and His Dog

Every evening, right around 6:30 sharp, we would see an old man s-l-o-w-l-y sauntering by on the path. Then sure enough, about 50 yards behind him, would be his old dog following him. The dog was clearly old, and clearly not able to run, let alone walk at a steady pace. But every evening, would be the same drill: the old man, then his dog. Neither one of them were in a hurry, and to this day I am sorry I never had a chance to meet either one of them. Last Spring was the last time we saw either one of them, and it makes us sad–we miss seeing them, and often wonder about their story, what happened to them, and even how daily rituals are good for the soul.

07. November 2011 by George Righter
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Memoirs From The Delaware Canal

Almost four years ago, my wife and I purchased a home that backs to Washington Crossing Historic Park, and the Delaware Canal Towpath. We were used to privacy, so our new yard, with plenty of “visitors” took some getting used to. As time passed, we began to appreciate having the opportunity to see some “regulars,” including both people and dogs, and my family and I realized we were lucky to be able to witness folks who meandered by our back yard, and often, just by viewing them, were “told” some cool stories. Some of these posts may be thoughtful observations, others will be quick points just to log them in. So if you find yourself walking on the canal towpath, behind Washington Crossing Park, you never know when a story about you may appear in this blog!

07. November 2011 by George Righter
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George Righter’s Music Biography

I started playing guitar when I was 16 years old. It was around 1982, and I had entered high school. A friend across the street played guitar, and I thought it was really cool. So I asked for a guitar and finally after 2 years of begging, purchased a white, left-handed Hondo electric guitar for $119, along with a Fender Studio lead 50 watt amp for $279 I believe. I still have those pieces today. Continue Reading →

07. November 2011 by George Righter
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Bar Codes: Between The Lines

Bar codes seem to be everywhere! But let’s remove their mystery: bar codes are just another way of writing—they simply replace manual or key entered data. Bar codes encode numbers and letters by using a combination of bars and spaces of varying widths.

A bar code is only a reference number that is stored in a database, and does not contain any details about the item. For example, when the cashier scans out a music CD, the bar code does not contain the CD name, artist, or price. The 12-digit UPC bar code number is scanned and transmitted to the store’s computer and database. The computer then looks up and relates the scanned bar code number to its corresponding stored record (which contains the description, artist, price, etc.) then displays the price at the register.
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04. November 2011 by George Righter
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