The Old Man and His Dog

Every evening, right around 6:30 sharp, we would see an old man s-l-o-w-l-y sauntering by on the path. Then sure enough, about 50 yards behind him, would be his old dog following him. The dog was clearly old, and clearly not able to run, let alone walk at a steady pace. But every evening, would be the same drill: the old man, then his dog. Neither one of them were in a hurry, and to this day I am sorry I never had a chance to meet either one of them. Last Spring was the last time we saw either one of them, and it makes us sad–we miss seeing them, and often wonder about their story, what happened to them, and even how daily rituals are good for the soul.

George Righter

About George Righter

American composer and musician who lives for the outdoors.

07. November 2011 by George Righter
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