Memoirs From The Delaware Canal

Almost four years ago, my wife and I purchased a home that backs to Washington Crossing Historic Park, and the Delaware Canal Towpath. We were used to privacy, so our new yard, with plenty of “visitors” took some getting used to. As time passed, we began to appreciate having the opportunity to see some “regulars,” including both people and dogs, and my family and I realized we were lucky to be able to witness folks who meandered by our back yard, and often, just by viewing them, were “told” some cool stories. Some of these posts may be thoughtful observations, others will be quick points just to log them in. So if you find yourself walking on the canal towpath, behind Washington Crossing Park, you never know when a story about you may appear in this blog!

George Righter

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American composer and musician who lives for the outdoors.

07. November 2011 by George Righter
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