Daylight Savings: Time to Stop This Madness!

As I clear the cobwebs from my eyes, I realize I am not alone. No fewer than ten people yesterday all agreed, some without prompting, that they all felt on the tired side. For me, waking at 5:45AM wasn’t easy—and it wasn’t easy rousing my wife and kids to begin their day.

The brief article “U.S. lost $433,982,548 because of Daylight Savings Time switch” helps beg the question: Why do we continue to change the clocks?  The amount of lost money was calculated by who investigated, and created the Lost-Hour Economic Index.  I was impressed at how an actual numeric figure could be derived from “Springing ahead one hour”, so I think it is important to quote this study’s methodology, direct from SleepB

“These are the findings of Chmura Economics & Analytics in a study entitled “Estimating the Economic Loss of Daylight Saving Time for U.S. Metropolitan Statistical Areas” commissioned by the Carpenter Co. The study focused on only the aspects of economic losses where solid evidence from peer-reviewed academic journals could be obtained, showing how the DST change can lead to an increase in heart attacks, workplace injuries in the mining and construction sectors, and increased cyberloafing that reduces productivity for people who typically work in offices. A reasonable economic cost was then developed from the economic costs of heart attacks, workplace accidents and cyberloafing and applied to the more than 300 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA) in the U.S.”

The part that really grabs my attention is the increase in heart attacks, along with workplace accidents. I can understand having had to change clocks when the US was heavy into farming, but today?  Why not keep the time where it is right now? Why risk people’s health? Wouldn’t an extra hour of daylight around dinnertime translate to more outdoor activity, less depression, less obesity, more social interaction, more walks for the dog, and in theory improve the economy?  Each state has its own right to decide whether to participate with changing the clocks. Arizona and Hawaii are already on the ball and do not participate. Hopefully, PA, and the rest of the States, do what is best for businesses and their citizens’ health. It’s time to stop the madness.

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12. March 2013 by George Righter
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