Disguised As Air

Recently while taking a walk along the Canal, I saw a young chap about 40 yards in front of me, facing a tree, while holding 2 hands in front of him, down near his waist. Guess what he was doing? I figured I should at least let the chap have some privacy, but then thought about my privacy–so I yelled out “If you shake it twice you’re playing with it.” This way, he realized that he probably should have been more discreet, and hopefully learned his lesson. Then last week my wife spotted an older female couple–at least they were a couple of females, which may be more accurate. One of them started looking all around her, as she lowered her pants, and squatted, while the other stood guard. Luckily for them, my wife is very humble, and went back to her kitchen tasks. Here are a few tips when it comes to relieving yourself in public. First, try to pick a spot where there are no windows facing you. Second, you will have better luck off the the path. Third, try to master the use of one hand, and use the other to hold your mobile phone to your ears–this way it looks like you are busy doing your business.

George Righter

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American composer and musician who lives for the outdoors.

16. November 2011 by George Righter
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